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Schwinn is best known for manufacturing great foldable bikes. This time, they have designed a foldable bike for men. The company had kept in mind all the requirements of the male riders while designing this product, taking care of their comfort and entertainment side by side.

Riders prefer their bikes o be extremely comfortable and very easy to use. They also want their bikes to be light weighted and strong. Let’s have a look at some of the features of the Schwinn Wayfarer Men’s Hybrid Bike.

Variable Speed and Easy to Use

The Wayfarer has a changeable speed option. The speed can be changed between 7 speeds which are suitable for racing and for regular usage as well. Due to the great speed, riders enjoy the ride a lot and love this amazing feature. Just like the maximum speed of the bike, the comfort level is great too. This bike is very light weighted as it has a steel frame.

The handlebars and alloy brakes make this bike easy to use. This bike is great for short distance rides around the city or in parks. Whether you want to use it for commuting purposes or you want to go out on long rides, this bike is going to be a great choice for you.

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Foldable Bike is Easier to Carry

The Schwinn Wayfarer is also ranked one of the top 250 foldable bikes on Amazon. It folds up in very easy steps and takes few seconds. This saves the time of the rider and provides ease. Due to the folding option, the bike becomes portable and is easily carryable.

The rider can also carry it around in hand very easily; parking won’t be an issue anymore. Another advantage is that the bike takes very less space in our homes or offices. You can keep it anywhere you want and it won’t create any hindrance.

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Specifications and Features

  • Color: Blue
  • Frame Material Type: Steel
  • Number of Speeds: 7
  • Brake Style: Rim Brakes
  • Shipping Weight: 54 pounds
  • Size: 18 inches/ medium
  • Stand over Height: 29.5 inches
  • Wheel size: 700 cm
  • Height Requirement- 69-80 inches
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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  • Folds within seconds and in simple steps
  • Maximum speed and gives a clean ride
  • Provides 7 changing speeds
  • Ideal folding size for cars, public transportation, and closets
  • Strong frame gives good amount of strength
  • Excellent for short distance rides

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  • Non- adjustable seat height
  • Height requirement should be kept in mind
  • Screws need to be tightened after a few months


This bike is one of the greatest foldable bikes for men in the market right now. Schwinn has taken care of all the needs of men and designed this bike. Thus, it is loved by 90% of the male riders. The bike is super-fast and has variable changing speed option.

The Schwinn Wayfarer Men’s Hybrid Bike provides you with maximum comfort at the same time. The quality of the bike is amazing. It comes at a very cheap price and provides the rider with a lifetime warranty. This amazing bike is still in stock so go get yours and enjoy riding it around the town.

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