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Schwinn is striving hard to boost the experiences of the bike riders, by developing the top quality bikes. The Schwinn Yorkshire Red 16” Women’s Skirt Bike looks trendy and suitable for all those women who are passionate about riding a hybrid bike. The bike will be easy to spot in a crowd, so it will not be lost when the rider leaves it locked in the park or at a store, due to its red color frame. With Schwinn quality, spring seat provides vertical driving position and comfort to the ladies.

Featured stylish geometry for optimum Ride

The Schwinn Yorkshire Red 700C female bikes are perfect for cycling routes or just simply walking around. It is equipped with pure steel that enhances the quality of the bike. It has complete chain protective wrap and complete fenders that protect the rider’s clothes from dirt and gears from the transmission. The spring seat of this women bike provides perfect comfort to the rider.

To assure the safety of riders, headlights are featuring this factor while riding in the dark or the dull weather. On flat roads, the 700 C tires provide a smooth ride with no bumps. Their mechanism is designed in a way to avoid any jerks while moving fast on any terrain.

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Hybrid Bike for women

The Schwinn Yorkshire Skirt Bike is designed by keeping the gender in mind; that’s the reason the features are bit different from the rest of the Schwinn bikes. It is durable as well, as its frame has been developed with the high quality of materials. This feature makes it heavy duty and stylish. Its seat is cushioned in a way that can guard the rider from any back pain or muscular stretch.

This seating system also provides a hassle-free geometry that facilitates the rider to sit in a straight position and view a path clearer. The front headlight is set to provide proper light to the rider to take the right track and can see any bumps on the road. The alloy rims are light in weight but well-built.

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Features and Specifications

  • Color: Red
  • Frame Material: Type Steel
  • Number of Speeds: 1
  • Height: 3 x 30.8 x 55 inches
  • Weight: 43.85 pounds
  • Size: 16″/Small
  • Stand over Height: 20 inches
  • Wheel Size: 700 C

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  • Front headlamp for safety
  • Alloy wheels are strong and light
  • Spring chair adds driving comfort
  • 7-speed gearshift lever and rear
  • The alloy front and rear brakes
  • Unique retro look

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  • Received 85% assembled
  • Limited lifetime warranty


The Schwinn Yorkshire Red 16” Women’s Skirt Bike is a good choice for ladies who are looking for a hybrid bike for their use. This bike is suitable for all areas including gravel path, mountainous areas, and rough trails. The seat is moderately comfortable that allows riders to go for longer journeys. Because of the steel frame, this bike is comparatively heavier than the other hybrid bikes.

At the same point, it is durable due to this steel frame and can go for many years. The professional bike riders have recommended this bike for women as it is a good choice for women. So, all those ladies who need a bike include this one in your list also.

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