BikeHard is one of the smaller manufacturers of hybrid bicycles who believe in the motto of creating premium products for the competitive cyclist. This really shows in the superior craftsmanship of their lineup of hybrid bikes which have helped them quickly become one of the premiere manufacturers. Competing with some of the bigger names has given them a pretty big name within the industry which not only includes hybrid bicycles, but a whole slew of competitive gear.

BikeHard hybrid bikes offer a wide range of features which make them very appealing to a wide array of riders. Fulfilling the needs of pro level riders while being attentive to what the average beginner really needs is what these very versatile hybrid bicycles have to offer. Aiming to promote enjoyment while cycling is what they have done so well with some of the fastest and most durable bicycles on the market today is what the brand BikeHard has come to represent.

The following review takes a look at the Top 10 BikeHard Hybrid Bikes of 2018 and showing you all the reasons why.

5. BikeHard LadyCruz Lady’s Fit Polished Aluminum Hybrid Bike – 8.6

The polished LadyCruz is one of the best sellers on when looking at Lady’s hybrid bikes. This high quality hybrid is very adjustable and strong with highly durable double butted aluminum. The showman quality finish is seen in the polished aluminum which really makes riders standout in a crowd.

The extreme durability does have a cost as the polished BikeHard LadyCruz isn’t exactly the lightest women’s hybrid bicycle out there. For most, this will be easy to overlook with Kenda Kourier 700c tires, Urbanite Comfort saddle, and Shimano parts including brake levers, Derailleur’s and an 8-speed shifter.

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4. BikeHard LadyCruz Lady’s Fit Powder Blue Hybrid Bike – 8.7

The powder blue LadyCruz is sight to see, but if seeing is believing than you really have to take a ride on this hybrid. The BikeHard LadyCruz series is represented quite well with all models which excel in rider comfort due to great shock absorption and offers a great deal of rider customization with adjustable features. The Lady Fit geometry really shines across all models which mean great balance and everything else a rider truly looks for in a hybrid bicycle.

The powder blue color may be the first thing you notice, but this is far from this LadyCruz’s best features. Complete with Urbanite Comfort grips, double butted Alloy handlebars and custom drawn frame, Shimano front derailleur, Shimano Acera rear derailleur, Shimano brake levers, and a Spinner Odessa LX front suspension, it’s easy to see the superior quality that went into introducing this BikeHard hybrid bike.

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3. BikeHard Urbanite Disc Polished Gloss Black Hybrid Bike – 9.1

The disc polished gloss black look of this BikeHard Urbanite gives it a high class aesthetic appeal, and complete with a wide array of performance options it’s easy to see why this hybrid bike deserves the 3rd spot in this review. The gloss black Urbanite offers a stylish look with a polished finish which gets superior scores in appearance, durability and weight. The unique features built right-in makes it very appealing for those into casual riding, trail riding, and daily commuting.

This hybrid offers some significant upgrades over most which include high quality, high pressure tread tires which are fully complimented by Tektro disk brakes. With four sizes to choose from including 15, 17, 19, and 21-inches with each featuring a fully adjustable cockpit and lockout suspension, there’s no wonder the polished gloss black model made our list.

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2. BikeHard Urbanite Polished Hybrid Bike – 9.4

The Urbanite is a BikeHard classic as it’s continually received some of the highest praise from consumers. The polished look of this BikeHard hybrid gives it a great deal of aesthetic appeal which is the 1st thing consumer’s note when seeing it for the first time. The Urbanite offers some of the best composite welding which makes it very durable and the lightweight aluminum frame is much sturdier than it looks.

The BikeHard Urbanite is a great off-road bike, but rides just as good on the road as it does off. It all starts with the Custom Drawn 6061 Double Butted Octech Aluminum frame, and further complimented with the Tektro Linear Pull Forged brakes, double butted alloy handlebars, front and rear Shimano derailleurs, and a high quality Spinner Odessa LX front and seatpost suspension.

No expense has been sparred in creating the BikeHard Urbanite which is represented in the price which comes in above average when comparing it to all hybrid bikes, but below average when comparing it to pro level hybrids.

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1. BikeHard LadyCruz Lady’s Fit White Hybrid Bike – 9.6

Deserving the top spot and getting 9.6 out of 10 is the white model LadyCruz from BikeHard. More budget friendly then most other BikeHard hybrids, but doesn’t sacrifice on what riders look for the most. This bike received exceptional scores in all rating categories including appearance, durability, performance, speed, and weight.

The white LadyCruz Fit is recommended for all riding terrains, but excels the most while riding on conventional roads. The unique low step frame makes for easy mounts and dismounts which is something that becomes one of the biggest complaints with most hybrid bicycles. The front and back Shimano Derailleurs significantly improve on rider comfort with a very smooth ride making it a great choice for daily commuting and long-distance riding.

The white BikeHard LadyCruz features 7 very efficient speeds which improves the overall speed. In essence, riders won’t to exert a great deal of energy even with uphill riding as a natural and effortless ride has become one of its finer qualities. Easy to use, durable and very strong frame, comfortable seat, lightweight, and stylish look is what makes this LadyCruz #1 in our choice for the top BikeHard hybrid bike in 2017.

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