Gama Bikes may not be the biggest name in the industry, but that doesn’t mean their stylish hybrids don’t deserve a second look. The grace, style, and comfort that Gama Bikes provide have helped them rival all the top manufacturers within the industry. If you’re a passionate and avid rider or someone looking for a traditional upgrade, then considering Gamma Bikes hybrid bikes is a great place to start.

Gama hybrid bikes are some of the most innovation rides on two wheels you will ever find. With many of their newest models offering some very unique features which including folding properties and upgraded specs which mean more speed and better performance which have made them very popular for men and women riders alike.

The following review focuses on the Top 5 Gama Bikes Hybrid Bikes for 2020 while giving you the pros, cons, and all their biggest innovations.

Gama Bikes Women's Metropole 8 Speed Shimano Hybrid Bicycle Review



  • Lightweight and strong
  • Rust-resistant and durable
  • Comfortable, athletic saddle
  • Powerful derailleur
  • Simple functions


  • Insufficient manual for assembling

The Gama Bikes Metropole series has become a very popular choice with consumers as it offers the vintage, hybrid look with a great deal of class. The Women's Metropole features a Shimano Derailleur Altus M310 8-Speed which gives it a great deal of speed with an aluminum, lightweight frame. The 6061 frame is one of the best in its class which is not only lighter than most, but is extremely durable.

Other highlight features of the women's Metropole include Kenda 700c tires, aluminum V-brakes, micro adjust seat post, kickstand, fenders, chain guard, and an aluminum rear carrier. One of the biggest complaints has become the comfort and quality of the seat which riders have complained becomes more evident with longer rides. For a classy and stylish true hybrid, it's easy to see why this Gama Bikes hybrid bicycle makes this list.

Gama Bikes Women’s Boardwalk 6 Speed Urban Bicycle Review



  • Great looks
  • Easy to mount and ride
  • Very stable
  • Handles different terrains well
  • Good value for money


  • Hard to assemble for beginners
  • Cheap looking basket

The Gama Bikes Women's Boardwalk urban bike is a very affordable, but very high quality hybrid that offers riders looking for comfort and a great look just that. The Boardwalk has become one of the best-selling hybrid bicycles on which comes in highly recommended due to its aesthetic appeal, easy to ride capabilities, ease of handling over all terrains, and is a great value at this price. This women's bike is a casual comfortable ride which also features a front basket for those looking for something with a bit more versatility.

The Boardwalk comes in with a 17-inch frame with 26-inch wheels giving riders improved stability and rugged enough to handle all terrains. The modern look is very visually appealing, but the best attributes aren't fully appreciated until you're on it for the first time. Boasting 6-speeds gives you some pep, but won't exactly win any races. There are some cons which include difficult assembly, cheap looking front basket, and infrequent adjustments to the derailleurs over-time.

Gama Bikes Alley Cat Men's Commuter Bike Review



  • Folds within seconds and in simple steps
  • Fast speed and smooth ride over uneven surfaces
  • Maintenance is not a problem
  • Ideal folding size for cars, public transportation, and closets
  • Strong frame gives good amount of strength, light weighed


  • Non- adjustable seat height
  • Height requirement should be kept in mind

The Alley Cat is a men's daily commuter that is more than up to the task of being an everyday ride or a weekend option. This fun-loving Gama Bikes bicycle offers an incredible aesthetic appeal that brings out the very best in what modern day bicycles should have. Offering a very strong frame, great deal of speed, maintenance free, and is completely foldable makes the Alley Cat a top choice of the year. The folding option only adds to the versatility, and with a price that's right around $250 you'll be hard-pressed to find a better option for a folding commuter bike.

The Gama Bikes Alley Cast is extremely lightweight thanks to the all-aluminum frame with a weight of only 12 kg. The 20-inch 700c rims and tires provide good balance, speed, and durability which can handle everyday riding with ease. The easy folding mechanism allows you to completely fold and store the bike in a matter of seconds which allows you to overlook the small nuances such as the non-adjustable seat.

Gama Bikes Men's Metropole 8 Speed Shimano Hybrid Bicycle Review



  • Strong, reliable frame
  • Fast, large, and sturdy wheels
  • Trendy
  • Rust-resistant
  • Convenient and lightweight


  • Initial assembling can be problematic
  • Wheels are too big for the frame

The men's Metropole has become a top choice for male riders looking for a higher class hybrid that offers a great ride, more speed, and stability that is difficult to find in most true hybrid bicycles. Featuring a Shimano Derailleur that is easily at the top of the class which riders have stated is easily one of the best riding hybrids out there. For those looking for a casual ride which is great for long distance and those looking to spend hours at a time on the bike, the men's Metropole is easily one of the best options out there.

Deserving the 2nd spot in this review, the Gama Bikes men's Metropole features aluminum V-brakes, Shimano Altus 8-speed, full aluminum frame, and 700c Kenda tires. High regards with durability, speed, appearance, and high end features, but misses the top spot in this review due to the over-sized tires when looking at the size of the frame and difficulty in assembling.

Gama Bikes Speed Cat 700c 3 Speed Commuter Road Bicycle Review



  • Faster than other bikes
  • Gives a great time riding
  • Classic stainless steel rivet
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Aggressive geometric design


  • Bike might require minor changes

Deserving the best Gama Bikes hybrid bike of the year is the Speed Cat which is a 3-speed commuter which is better adapted for on the road riding. This high-class commuter offers a very contemporary look which makes it stand our visually speaking when comparing it with other hybrids, and in most regards, is one of its strongest attributes. This low-maintenance, aggressive design, and thanks to the lightweight and aerodynamic design is much faster than most hybrids.

The Speed Cat is a great daily commuter which is faster, smoother, and larger than most. Built from the highest quality parts which helps offset the overall cost of the bike leaving owners worry free for many years to come. Visually speaking, this is one of the best on the market, but what really makes the Speed Cat stand out are the high-quality parts which include stainless steel rivets which makes it rust free. With 26-inch 700c tires and recommended for riders of average height, it's easy to see why the Gama Bikes Speed Cat is #1 in our review.


Since Gamma Bikes introduced their first hybrid bikes, they've always been mentioned among the year's best. Their lineup of hybrids always strives for perfection which is a testament to their vintage look, ease of riding and aggressive styling package. Hopefully after reading this review of the best Gamma Bikes Hybrid Bikes this year you're inspired to see their all about.